Water resources

Master the supply and demand of water resources to provide a high-quality water environment.

Why do we need to establish the water resources IoT ?
  • Smart Allocation of Multiple Water Resources
  • Sensing and regulating hydrological observation and water resource constructions
  • Irrigation water saving management
  • Intellegent Stream and Sewage Wisdom Management
What does the water resources IoT do?
Where are the water resource sensor employed?
What types of data are collected?
What can we do after receiving the data?
Smart Allocation
Smart Flood Prevention and Hydraulic Protection
There are about 2,884 hydrological stations such as water level, discharge recorder and rainfall.
Predicting flooding information with artificial intelligence, and displaying flooding disasters on google map and google earth instantly.
Real-time flooding forecasting system can use google map to display the information of average flooding depth, maximum flooding depth, location, important locations, flooding depth of easy flooding locations and flooding distribution in 1 to 3 hours.
Smart Irrigation
Improve the automatic control technology of agricultrual hydraulic and establish a dynamic analysis and management platform for Irrigation Association to achieve water saving, fertilizer saving, and medicine saving, to increase the productivity per unit area, and to save the effect of agricultural irrigation water consumption.
Sewage Sewer Clouds
  • Establish key data decision dashboards to keep abreast of current operating conditions and trends
  • Cloud Internet of Things
  • Digital water quality data
  • Establish a national database
  • Intelligent assistant management
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