Achievement of Citizen Happiness and Big-data Economy.

Providing high quality public IoT-based information including air quality, earthquake, disaster events and water resources.

The data service platform provides high-quality and steady sensor data and needed computing power.

Establishing IoT-based Intelligent Environment Monitoring System

Environmental Quality Sensor IoT Deployment and Law-enforcement Applications (EPA)
Development of Air-quality IoT Industry (EPA, MOEA, MOST, MOE and Academia Sinica)

Preventing Losses by Reducing Quake Early Warning Time

Integrated Inland and Offshore Earthquake Observation (CWB)
Hybrid Earthquake Early Warning Service(NCREE)

Facilitating the Acquisition of Disaster Prevention Information and Driving the Development of Risk-reduction Industry Emergency Data Exchange Standard

Implementation and Applications (IDB, NCDR, NCHC)
Disaster Reduction Information System Integration (NFA, NCDR)

Comprehending the Supply and Demand of Water Resources and Providing High-quality Water-consumption Environment for the General Public

Water Resources IoT (WRA, COA, CPA)
Environmental Quality Sensor IoT Deployment and Law-enforcement Applications

  1. Establishment of testing platform for performance of environmental-quality sensors (field, laboratory)
  2. Setup of 10,200 air-quality sensing spots in major industrial areas, metropolitan areas, as well as townships without sensor stations
  3. Setup of 1,000 water-quality sensing spots for farmland in areas with potential pollution problem in Taoyuan, Taichung, and Changhua
  4. Developing models for data analysis and smart applications

Development of Air-quality IoT Industry

  1. R&D on indigenous high-precision extensive-coverage PM2.5 sensing modules and CO sensor components
  2. Leveraging technology from academy, research institute or industry, co-developing the “MIT” air quality sensor and exporting to the world
  3. Augment the resolution of simulation of air-quality forecast model to the level of 1 kilometer*1 kilometer
  4. Combine civil and school resources to deploy around 10,000 air-quality sensing spots during 2017-2020
  5. Setup of air-quality IoT computing and operating platform for value-added applications by third parties

Integrated Inland and Offshore Earthquake Observation

  1. Marine Cable Hosted Observatory
  2. The Second Submarine Cable Landing Station at Fangshan
  3. Township Intensity Reporting System
  4. Education Promotion Room of Tatun Volcano

Hybrid Earthquake Early Warning Service

  1. On-site EEWS
  2. Hybrid EEW cloud service
  3. Providing earthquake early warning message
  4. Developing disaster prevention industry

Emergency Data Exchange Standard Implementation and Application

  1. The Integrated Public alerts & warnings - typhoon, torrential rain, water outage, power outage, landline disconnection etc.
  2. Promote situation reporting standards - data from social media, NFA, WRA, THB, SWCB etc.
  3. Promote emergency resources standards - hospital availability, equipment, supplies, etc.
  4. Provide standard data APIs for M2M, open data for value-added applications.

Disaster Reduction Information System Integration

  1. Agencies to consolidate disaster information such as typhoon, fire, earthquakes and floods and local government organizations to report disaster information to central government.
  2. To implement Open API/Open Data
  3. Integrated Disaster Prevention and Rescue Information Push Notification Service
  4. System Mobilization
  5. To Develop and Implement a Plan for Off-line Technology

Water Resources IoT

  1. Water Resouce Analytic Cloud
  2. Smart Water Distribution Management System
  3. Intellectual Stream Management System
  4. Automatic Irrigation System

Data Service Platform

  1. Providing real-time and historical Civil IoT sensing data by OGC SensorThings API.
  2. Data visualization and search service.
  3. Huge storage and computing power for simulation analysis and AI applications.