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Why do we need Civil IoT Taiwan?

As the technology of big data, IoT, and AI flourishing rapidly, the configuration of digital city is not able to fulfill the requirements from the society.

Therefore, by constructing Civil IoT Taiwan, which gathers and integrates the big data of earthquake, water resources, air quality, and disaster prevention, we can promote the transformation of digital city to smart city. We hope these changes would not only strengthen the smart service of the government but also stimulate the vitality of our industry, government and citizens, making Taiwan ready to embrace the New Era.

What is Civil IoT Taiwan?

Civil IoT Taiwan is one of the government’s “forward-looking infrastructure-digital construction” programs. This program provides the big data service of fields, including earthquake, water resources, air quality and disaster prevention, through the implementation of AI and IoT.

All the data collected by Civil IoT will be uploaded to the Civil IoT Data Service Platform, which provides stable, clean and standardized sensor data service and computing resource to the industry for value-added application.

What is Civil IoT Taiwan , explanation as detail above

What Advantage do we gain from Civil IoT Taiwan?

Assisting government in smartly preventing and effectively recuing disaster.
Enhancing people’s life quality and protecting people's safety from the threaten of natural disaster.
Stimulating Taiwan’s economy by supporting data science industries with the IoT infrastructure construction and enhancing the technology of environmental sensing devices.
Providing firsthand sensing data to academic community to refine benefits of academic researches.

Four main fields of Civil IoT Taiwan:

Air Quality
“Constructing a nationwide air quality sensor IoT and providing people real-time air quality information”

Deploying sensors to monitor the air quality
Deploy sensors nationwide to monitor the real-time air quality.

Gather air quality data
Gather air quality data and build the early warning system.

Inquire the real-time air quality
People can inquire the real-time air quality by the early warning system to avoid air pollution.
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“Expand the effective monitoring region of the earthquake early warining system, improve the accuracy of the earthquake position, and increase the response time when strong earthquakes and tsunami occur in the eastern sea of Taiwan.”

Add earthquake monitoring facilities
Extend marine cable hosted observatory (MACHO), add and upgrade the facilities of seismic observation stations on land to improve the quality and resolution of observation data and to reduce the processing time of earthquake warnings.

Construct earthquake database management system
Open earthquake and geophysical observation data fully to the industry and academia.
Establish hybrid Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) Service Platform
Integrate the regional and on-site EEWs to provide a rapid and accurate earthquake early warning service, and increase industrial value in disaster prevention by combining industrial automation and the smart disaster-reduction-control service. In addition, the on-site EEW service also provides the historical data of seismic events and enriches the seismic observation databank.

Receive faster and more accurate earthquake early warning
People can receive accurate earthquake early warning faster.
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Water resources

“Deploy water resource sensors to collect data and conduct cloud computing analysis, reduce flood risk, reach flood prevention warning , and improve the use efficiency of water resources in Taiwan.”

Deploy sensors to monitor water resources information
The government deploys various water resource sensors in rivers, groundwater, roads, and impounding reservoir.

Integrate big data and cloud computing analysis
Introduce various intelligent decision analysis tools to manage multiple water resources, flood prevention, irrigation, and sewage treatment.

Exert the maximum benefit of dispatching water supply and demand
Utilize instant and intelligent dynamic management to improve water use efficiency and obtain real-time information quickly for increasing disaster prevention response time and providing flood prevention warning.
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Disaster prevention

“Integrate the big data of the sensor network and the public disaster prevention and rescue Information to provide people instant and diverse disaster prevention information.”

Integrate the data of Civil IoT and the information of public alerts & warnings.
Collect the big data of the sensor network (including data of air-quality, earthquake, and water level) and the information of public alerts & warnings (including information on water outage, power outage, and telephone interruption), and establish a data service platform.

Issue people disaster prevention information instantly.
Unify the public alerts & warnings information to send people more instant and diverse disaster prevention information.
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