Disaster prevention

Develop the forward-looking application of disaster prevention and establish a data service platform to improve the overall ability of disaster prevention.

Why do we need to establish the Disaster Response Management Information Platform?

  • To enhance the efficiency of government disaster prevention and rescue.
  • To expand the application of private disaster prevention industry.
  • To promote the disaster prevention information (industry services), integrate the disaster prevention industry application chain, and establish a common application map for disaster prevention so that people obtain relevant information immediately.

What does the Disaster Response Management Information Platform do?

hat does the Disaster Response Management Information Platform do What does the Disaster Response Management Information Platform do figure , explanes how  infustructure constraction and data collection work.

What information is integrated by the public alerts & warnings?

There is a total of 39 items, including hazard alerts and livelihood warnings, such as air quality, earthquake, low temperature, strong wind, heavy rain, flood, debris flow; and livelihood warnings, such as telephone interruption, mobile phone interruption, water outage, power outage, road blocked.
NCDR alert website image

How to integrate disaster rescue and prevention information system?

Integration of disaster information
Integrate various data of emergency response and promote applications such as real-time disaster video, geographic information system, emergency response services, mobile applications, disaster dynamics information, decision support, emergency shelters, and disaster alert. Improve the efficiency of government administrative services and increase public satisfaction with government administration, through the combination of disaster photos and videos, the disaster prevention and rescue, and the disaster information and service presentation.
Convergence of interdisciplinary data
Continue to expand the content of collectable data to enrich interdisciplinary data. Strenghten the power of collection to enrich data diversity and activate the energy of disaster prevention application.
  • Emergency Response
  • Disaster information, evacuation & shelter, critical infrastructure, disaster report, rescue resource, status of relatives & friends
  • Smart IoT
  • Meteorological satellite, water level monitoring, warning alert, seismic monitoring, debris flow monitoring, typhoon track
  • Media image
  • Traffic image, water resources image, disaster image, news image, populace message, report information
Open and Share
Continue to promote the open data policy and make the reported data of disaster prevention and rescue open to the public for advancement, reducing government and public information gaps, promoting public participation by opening interdisciplinary data, and creating more value of disaster prevention information through the key applications developed by domain experts and industry.

Deliver public alerts & warnings information to the public through LINE

NCDR cooperates with LINE Taiwan. Through the LINE communication software, which is most commonly used by the public, users can receive the instant warning information of interesting areas by subscription.
 figure explanes how to Deliver public alerts and  warnings information to the public through LINE

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